Crickets, Coyotes & the Big Yellow Moon

by Christine Malcolm

Released 2015
Released 2015
Debut album by VT singer-writer-guitarist telling stories of small towns and big hearts with a blend of folk rock, country, blues and traditional style music. Soulful harmonies and lots of strings.
Crickets, Coyotes and the Big Yellow Moon is the debut album of VT singer-writer-musician, Christine Malcolm. This collection of original songs is an art project, a poem, a gathering of friends and ultimately- a reflection on life's journeys- always leading back home. Malcolm relies on a feminine perspective and a straight forward songwriting style to tell stories of joy, sorrow, family, small towns and big hearts. Her voice is soulful and subtle, blended in expressive harmonies with talented supporting vocalists, Lizzy Mandell, Miriam Bernardo, Lesley Grant and Jess Zehngut. Her music, an amalgam of countryish-bluesy-folk-rock, is a simple statement made vibrant by veteran musicians Rudy Dauth, Jeremy Harple, Dave Keller and Russ Lawton. Award winning producer, Colin McCaffrey, brings his musicianship and studio excellence to bear on this recording. McCaffrey's backing vocals and instrumentals are expert. His arrangements are lush and sonically resonant. It all comes together to make this first record a beautifully crafted compilation of tracks, each one rendering a protrait of life in the north country.