Lyrics: Crickets, Coyotes and the Big Yellow Moon

All Songs Published by North Country Mama Publishing ASCAP


Apart.                By Christine Malcolm . Fall 2007 copyright


Saw your sister on the road,

She was driving real fast.

Ghosts rise from these stone walls,

Smelling like the past.

Put down your poison,

Put down your gun,

Chase away the monster

You've let yourself become.

          I seen the worst of you,

          but I know the best.

          I take up your love

          and forget all the rest.

          devil's in your corner,

          but the angel's in your heart.

          and I know this darkness

          is tearing you apart.

All these years

Sorrows, like birds on a wire,

Fly off and back again,

Each time a little higher.

Now you're wondering,

Where did the time go?

You were watching those birds,

Instead of watching your soul....


Put down the bottle again,

Maybe someday you'll see it ain't your friend.

Maybe this time will be the last,

Maybe this time it'll all pass.....

Till then I'll remember who you really are.

Remember your dreams- they seem so far.



Emily's bridge.               By Christine Malcolm. February 2012 copyright

 Emily I am calling you...

Emily are you there?

Emily I come looking for your ghost,

Do you just have a minute to spare?

Water rushing cold and dark

Through the deep hollow glen.

Nothing dark as what's rushing through your heart

And it's pushing you to the nothingness.

          now you're swinging on the broken hope.

          now you're swinging for a man.

          now you're swinging at the end of your rope

          you are swinging by your own hand.

Shadow hanging on the covered bridge.

Restless soul never sleeps.

Body buried next day on that hill

But your spirit's got a promise to keep.


                   Emily I am calling you.

                   Emily are you there?

                   Emily I got something to tell you.

                   Emily don't despair.

They say you died of a broken heart.

For a love that never came.

Waited for him that night on this bridge

And now I am here waiting again.




The stolen song:  dear t.s. elliot (for Bo and me)   By Christine Malcolm 2013 copyright

 Got a nickel in my pocket,

Got a dime in my shoe.

Think I'm gonna buy some peaches and I'm sharing them with you.


At times I sit and wonder do I dare disturb it all?

Cause life up here is scary when you're worrying about the fall.


          Ooohhh- can't sleep with the river for ever!

          Ooohhh- it's gonna find a new way!

          forget mistakes and forget your failures,

          Cause Today Is Your Lucky Day!

 It helps to count your blessings if you're feeling pretty poor.

Cause I've been to the mountain and it left me wanting more.

I got this guitar and her name is Hope.

And when I'm down in darkness, your love throws me a rope.

                   Keep your head up, keep your heart strong...

                   May the story of your life be bright... Be Bright and long!

...cause today is your lucky day.  Today is your lucky day.......



River is rising.       By Christine Malcolm.   October 2011 copyright

 It's raining again today,

After the flood.

People dusting themselves off,

Shoveling up so much mud.


Hearts are feeling pretty broke,

Looking all around,

Sizing up the damage,

Trying to figure it all out.


          and the river is rising, river is rising, lord, the river is rising

          come and sweep it all away.

          river is rising, river is rising and tomorrow go down to the edge

          and see what we can save.


Things look pretty different now,

What was here- is not,

And the landscape has changed,

Seems like we lost a lot.


Guess I'll  take a walk around,

Searching for your face,

Shining back at me like some forgotten state of grace...

                             Big men come and try to fix us now,

                             but there ain't nothing they can do.

                             cause when the water comes and claims it all,

                             you just have to, just have to let it through.....



Crickets, coyotes and the big yellow moon.  By Christine Malcolm. September 2013 c.


Little house in the country where the big oaks once stood.

Pulling down into the dooryard, light shining through the woods.

See you there in the window, see you waiting in the room.

Quiet night in the hillside...just the crickets, coyotes and the big yellow moon.


Well,  I don't know if I told you,

no, I don't know if you know-

How glad you make my heart feel.

Ain't no where I need to go.


          cause you made me beautiful,  all those years ago.

          and the river carried me, straight to you.....

          straight to my home.


In the morning light you hold me, sweet and strong.

And we go back to our working while the day is still long.

Hummingbirds in the cosmos, there's robins in the grass...

Here in the northland, summer's quickly gonna pass.


          but you keep me beautiful, with love that's big and bold.

          seasons may come and go, but you keep me warm...

          keep me from the cold.


                   Your love feels like the earth to me

                   and everything comes back to this...

                   the softest place that I've ever known,

                   is deep inside your kiss.



I Don't want no one Else.           By Christine Malcolm. January 2013 copyright

 I don't want no one else, but I don't want you.

There's nothing left to say, nothing left to do.

In my secret heart, I wish that you could change.

Wish you could be the man, wish you didn't bring so much pain...but now,

          I don't want no one else.

          ohh, I gave my heart to you...

          I don't want no one else.

          but now baby, I do not want you.

Your drinking days were rough, crazy ones were really bad,

But on a good day honey, you're the best thing I ever had.

Lonesome is so low, I can't tell which is worse.

Yeah, I still do not know if your love's a blessing or a curse.


Sitting at my table drinking coffee and writing a song

Trying to remember when we went so wrong.

It wasn't the lies you told.  You were not to blame.

If I was in your shoes I'd a probably done the same, but now....




Before you fly.  (For Bo, Finn and Shane)    By Christine Malcolm. November 2007 c.

 Summer fades into fall, everything comes down,

Before you know it, we got snow.

This is how the seasons roll by,

This is how the time it goes.

Somehow I got this old, the years are flying,

See you growing up so fine.

There's a lot I never figured out, but I know this,

I'm so damn glad you boys are mine.

          sing to me, oh won't you sing to me

          oh won't you sing to me, I'll do the rest.

          sing to me, oh won't you sing to me

          my three little birds I love the best.

          sing to me, oh won't you sing to me

          oh won't you sing to me and don't you cry.

          sing to me, oh won't you sing to me

          my three little birds, before you fly.

Let's go down to the river rolling on by,

Like a day, like a life it flows.

Running fast, tumbling through the trees,

But today we're gonna sit and watch real slow.



Ancient I Love You.          By Christine Malcolm. August 2014 copyright


Caught in these lonely bedsheets,

Tangled again.

Looks like another night

I won't be sleeping.

Reciting the midnight stories

I tell to myself-

Just so much empty wind

Is filling my sails.

          ghosts rise in these old walls

          won't let me be

          whispering ancient I love yous

          won't set me free.

I can remember forever-

"Not a day less would do".

I can remember the promise

I gave to you.

We swung on our moonbeams.

We were shooting like stars.

Falling from love like that one

Is bound to leave scars.


Our friends are shaking their heads now,

Saying "it's time to let go".

I know that they are right

But my heart just says no.

Our words were fire.

We burned it down to the ground.

But here in the silent darkness

Love's shadow comes around.




Ship is sailed. (Pam's song)        By Christine Malcolm. June 2005 copyright


Pammy walked to her job every day,

Carrying secrets in her soul.

Weren't much to look at

But I mean to tell you,

 inside she was gold.


Sometimes it's a crime to love too much.

Sometimes you pay with your life.

Would've got off easy

Would've been much kinder,

If he had just cut her with a knife.


          she's awaiting for her ship to come in,

          she's telling me that's when her life will begin.

          she's watching the sky for a light or a sound,

          saying-  Nothing in this world is holding me to the ground.


You never can know someone else's mysteries,

Or the universes lying there.

A galaxy of beauty with all the odds against us-

That is the truth that we share.


                   a billion stars gonna burn out today.

                   a billion lives gonna turn and turn.

                   it don't mean much but I miss you anyway,

                   and Pam, I hope you're safe and warm...

                   hope your ship is safe and warm....


Lucky Me.    By Christine Malcolm. Summer 2006 copyright

I wasn't looking for much when you found me.

But I could tell by your touch and the way you fell down at your knees-

    It was gonna be good.

Remember that first night you held me like you owned me.

Then I knew I was right coming home to be

     With you.

          Lucky, lucky lucky me

          a love to last a million years.

          Lucky, lucky lucky me

          this love makes everything so clear.

Firelight kisses on your tailgate.

Drive to the old mill pond, jumped in and we stayed out late-

     Sun coming up.

Said you wished you could be my most romantic thing.

That's what you are to me, fill me up, made my heart sing-

     All our songs.


          The way you looked at me that night...

          You told me I would be your wife....

          Lucky lucky lucky me...



True hearted girl.    By Christine Malcolm.  Winter 2007 copyright


You have the most beautiful ways I think I've ever seen.

And I wonder what joke God was playin when you came to me.

          cause I am lost and weary,

          wondering round this world.

          and when I ever reach you,

          I swear I'll be your true hearted girl,

          true hearted girl...

Darling,  your love feels solid as the earth to me,

Beckoning while I am out here weathering this stormy sea.


Hear your voice in my dreams at night.

Feel you near me in the soft moonlight.

I am here with this cup to fill,

And I'm waiting for you, waiting for you,

          I hope you will.

Sometimes I find I'm burning in a slow and bittersweet hell.

Sometimes I find my peaceful heaven, you can't tell.

          but I am done with looking,

          All around this world,

          I am coming home now,

          and I swear I'll be your true hearted girl,

          true hearted girl....


Jesse and Zerelda.           By Christine Malcolm. February 2014 copyright


My mind is a dangerous neighborhood,

I don't care to live in alone.

Your heart is so full of crooked roads,

You're never gonna find your way home.

And I like to think that we are good people

Who've done a few bad things.

You know I've been your Zerelda,

You have been my Jesse James.

          whoa!  Can't slow this train down,

          I can't get off.

          we passed our stop a long time ago...

          the track is rough.

Baby, I got pretty good aim,

But you're a perfect shot.

Should not have given you my gun,

Taken me for all I got.

Every time you're running through my life

You leave it such a mess.

Never seen such a goddamn disaster,

But it don't make me love you less.


                   this living's been so hard on us.

                   breaking every law, we're doing what we must.

                   your loving ain't like what it seems,

                   but you have been the outlaw... The outlaw of my dreams.


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