Writing about things:

I’m home making dinner for my kid and chilling for a bit as gigs are cancelled and life is finding it’s new normal.  I take care of people In my real world job, so trying to sort through the current intensity of COVID and figure out how to keep perspective, health and do damage control given my work. 
gives me time to think and rest: two things I’ve not done a lot of in recent years.  I’m honestly grateful for the quiet space.

I write a lot of songs in times like this.  Usually the songs are about hearts- the filling of them and the breaking of them. Like most humans, I’ve had a lot of both. For a while there, it looked like broken heart would win and then, sure enough, see what slipped in sideways and sneaky-like, as it always seems to:  LOVE!  Healing up the broken bits and making things strong and good again.

Got me thinking about this virus and all it’s meanness.  And the energy that will motivate our healing from this.  Once again, same old: LOVE.  
so this is my little prayer for the healers, prayer for the scientists, prayer for the health workers and hospital administrators and EMS workers and prayer for the neighbors caring for one another:  that love keeps filling us and making us strong. And that we remember it’s the only thing that really saves the day.

I Like You- post notes 

here with my friend Stella.  Stella‘s our local rock star mama, Goddess of the Universe.  She comes to every local gig and loves on all of us local music making people. so when she needed help after surgery this week, we all are Here with her, taking turns hanging, eating, helping and healing up.  This is what small town living looks like.  This is what love looks like.  when you live in a place like this, your humanity is acknowledged every day by the people who share in existence with you. As it should…

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Lyrics for I Like You! 

Here are  the lyrics to the new one.  To be honest, they’re kinda hard for me to look at now, but that’s what writing‘s about,  right?  Saying your truth. And truth is an ever shifting target.  Maybe someone else will see their own experience in the words... then it all seems worth it.


All songs Published by North Country Mama Publishing, copyright 2019


I Like You!  

christine malcolm June 2018

i Like it when I hear you laughing down the bar,

i like to see you dancin with them girls so hard,

i like it…

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Lyrics: Crickets, Coyotes and the Big Yellow Moon 

All Songs Published by North Country Mama Publishing ASCAP


Apart.                By Christine Malcolm . Fall 2007 copyright


Saw your sister on the road,

She was driving real fast.

Ghosts rise from these stone walls,

Smelling like the past.

Put down your poison,

Put down your gun,

Chase away the monster

You've let yourself become.

          I seen the worst of you,

          but I know the best.

          I take up your love

          and forget all the rest.

          devil's in your corner,

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