Lyrics for I Like You!

Here are  the lyrics to the new one.  To be honest, they’re kinda hard for me to look at now, but that’s what writing‘s about,  right?  Saying your truth. And truth is an ever shifting target.  Maybe someone else will see their own experience in the words... then it all seems worth it.


All songs Published by North Country Mama Publishing, copyright 2019


I Like You!  

christine malcolm June 2018

i Like it when I hear you laughing down the bar,

i like to see you dancin with them girls so hard,

i like it when the smile illuminates your face

ten thousand watts of happiness light up this place.


youre like the Fourth of July when its January

your kind of crazy tastes like sweet Ollalaberries,

ill play the tamboreen for you while you sing,

let me be the monkey on your aching back, we got this thing, cause-


i like you!

and all the things that you do!

youre the springtime when it’s in bloom,

yes it’s true...

(You’re the sparkle, I’m the my baby, I’ll be your boo.)

i like you!


you be Johnny, and I will be your June,

we’ll play Grand Ole Opries, howling at the moon.

do the best to try and keep you outa jail, but

if you wind up there again, I got your bail cause:



apple blossom flowers,

coming down in a shower.

you shook the tree,

let it all rain down on me.




Honey I’m Home

christine Malcolm January 2017

you ain’t good lookin and you ain’t got money 

but you keep me laughing cause you’re so funny

and I ain’t lookin for something that you can’t give.


no not forever, not even tomorrow,

cause I don’t wanna beg, steal or borrow,

if our hearts get broke

and we ain’t got enough to live.



Honey I’m home,

wont you hold me tight,

dont you let me go,

you make it alright.

Honey I’m home,

please turn on your light, 

cause im so damn tired of running thru the night,

to you, to you, to you, to you.

to you, to you, to you, to you.


Been driving these roads

and I come pretty far,

you say you’re ready for me,

I hope you are,

cause I need someone to smooth out all these miles.

so make me some dinner and pour me a drink, 

when I walk thru the door

you can say what you think,

as long as it’s sweet,

as long as it comes with a smile.



ohh!  You can love me for one day if you want to.

tell the truth, it’s all we got anyway...




Good Drunk

christine Malcolm January 2017

your love is like a good drunk.

it goes down sweet and warm.

when you bring me all them kisses

when you hold me in your arms.


you’re smoother than fine whiskey

better then good gin,

everything is mellow ever since I let you in...


ohhh baby, your love is like a good drunk.


tippin back the glass now,

to take another drink,

 makin me so giddy I don’t care what people think.


ohhh baby, your love is like a good drunk.


and if the day’s a long one

Dont need nothing but your smile,

you heal my ragged spirit

and you ease these dusty miles.


ohhh baby, your love is like a good drunk.

like a good drunk....



Maple Sugar Mama

Christine Malcolm march 2018


baby meet me down, down by the sugar shack

way down in the woods with the fire burning out back.

you bring the bottle and I’ll bring the wine,

gonna have ourselves a real good time

at the sugar shack.


well you got to split the wood if you want the sap to boil

said you got to split the wood if you want the sap to boil.

lord and when the sugar runnin don’t you let it sit and spoil.


you and me we got some things in common.

i said you and me we got some things in common.

i will be your maple mama if you only tell me you want it.


you stoke the arch and I will stir the pan.

said now you stoke the arch and I will stir the pan.

if you wanna make some sugar you got to be my hard working man.



Sad Song

August 2017


ive been thinking bout you lately.  

You’ve been on my mind today.

kinda wish that you weren’t,

but, I can’t seem to chase these thoughts of you away.


all you do is disappoint me.

all you do is let me down.

but I guess I ain’t the first one

and these days,

its worse on you then it is on me anyhow.



babe, you are a shooting star

you are fireworks in July.

and all your crazy, brilliant brightness, blinds me-

makes me love you 

though I really should be saying goodbye.


the rain won’t stop

the skies are grey.

you brought it on yourself again.

and I wish I had the answers, enough love,

or some kind of magic to help you make amends.




i can’t stand to watch you bring yourself down.

you let the darkness fill the day.

all I can do is walk away from you.

it don’t stop my love 

or my heart from hoping

you will find your way.





christine Malcolm August 2017


when I met you that day

you brought me a stolen bouquet

and a heart shaped stone.

and I grew to love you

solid as that rock cause

everything you do feels like my home.


oh darlin,

you got quite the reputation-

 you know how people talk.

but I believe in you

like I believe in sweet salvation

and I am never gonna walk

away from you and



come lay with me

by the riverside 

come lay with me.

come lay with me

by the riverside

come lay with me.


you may run hot and cold,

broken down on the road 

but I will find you somehow.

no we’re not turning back,

aint got time for all that,

so walk the path and we’ll come 

right up in the sun and I say-



oh!  Cold water! Washing us clean!

come make my heart new!

be the brightest thing,

you've ever seen, 

you've ever seen!




I Forget to Eat 

Christine Malcolm December 2017

i forget to eat when you’re around

yeah i do not need sleep when you’re in town

you got the best of me,

i do not need food or sleep

yeah, I forget to eat when you’re around.


and all I wanna do is kiss your lips

and feel your hands so gently on my hips

all I wanna do is to kiss and lie with you

yeah all I wanna do is kiss your lips.



oh babe, you got my number

but  ain’t gonna be in your line.

if you’re passing back this way

why don’t you call me up 

and maybe we’ll spend some time.


you can’t tell me something I don’t know

i swore off boys like you long ago

yeah I seen better men

but I do not remember when

you can’t tell me something I don’t know.




i don’t care if it is wrong or right

you got me laughing, smiling, shining bright

get me outa my head

and just take me to bed

i can’t care if it is wrong or right.





Wooden Track Rollercoaster

christine Malcolm May 2019


saw you coming like and 18 wheeler freight truck

J-brakes screamin out just don’t give a fuck

500 miles down the Southbound interstate

long haul when we get there gonna be late.

I’ll be your rider cause you look kinda fun,

you said:  the map’s in the box and on the floor is the gun.


you got a face like a dirt road going home

you satisfy me like a doggie chewin on his bone

you got more heart then a Carolina quarterback 

when you ain’t near me, feel my record skipping off the track

but I know you won’t be goin too far-

You got a P.O. appointment

and you just wrecked your car.



we’re lovin’ big as the Colorado skies

i will be your Bonnie if you be my Clyde

i got your back if you get the door

and we’ll take everything

that they got in that drawer


you running crazy like a wooden track rollercoaster

bronco buck riding rodeo poster cowboy-singin’ 

man of my dreams

we’re Going down like an old time movie scene

of all the gin joints 

in all of the world

you walked into mine

made me a happy girl.








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