January 21, 2024

Haven't really been keeping up with the website due to doing other things.  Here's some recent things:

  1. We decided to call the band the Kate Brook Romp.  A romp is a group of river otters.  The Kate Brook is a wild little river in Wolcott.  We like both of those.
  2. Andy Sutphen is playing drums with us sometimes when the occasion calls for drums.  He is an awesome drummer and a super sweet guy-  we're psyched that he agreed to join us.  
  3. We hope to be seeing you at an outside Music Series, festival or farmer's market this coming summer.  Outside gigs are the best!
  4. New recordings coming soon!

Some New Lyrics: 

You Are My Home

yesterday walking, down all them roads, muddy and dirt, we didn't know where we were going.  

and I would walk with you, through moutains and springs, just talking about nothing, laughing at all things, 

cause you are my home. you bring me comfort, like the sun warms the snow.  and your love is the strongest place i know.  you built a shelter, for my soul… you are my home.  

i knew you a long time, when we first met.  we were both kind of broken, we were both kind of wrecked.  and we ain't so young now, but we also ain't old, you came on like a blanket, when my life had grown cold.

cause you are my home.  you bring me comfort, like the sun on the snow.  and your love is the strongest place i know.  you built a shelter for my soul… you are my home.    -C.malcolm/NorthCountry Mama Publishing 2021


Spend Your Love

come down off your mountain, it is time, the devil's planting seeds and the angels, they are crying.  your brother is calling, sister too, no place left to hide, only one thing you can do, come down, come down, spend your love, spend your love, spend your love.

yesterday's dream is gone, like the night is passes, begin again, you take your chances.  only one investment you can make, capitals that won't devalue, gains that you can't fake, come down, come down… spend your love.  get your back into it, get your back into it, love's the strongest thing you got.  Show me what you're working with, show me what you're working with babe, all that beauty in your heart….

Spend your love..     -c.malcolm.North Country Publishing/2022


Say Her Name

It's a long road to freedom, its a long train to truth, well I'm heading out baby and you better come too, it's a long road to freedom, long train to truth and there ain't no use in waiting for that train to come to you. 

Well now, ain't I a woman, don't I serve your meals, well, ain't I a woman fit to plow your fields, well, ain't I a woman, breathing just like you?  And I don't know how you see to treat me, the way you do.

Say her name,  say her name, say her name, stand up and say her name!  It don't matter what you do, she's bringing justice just the same.  

-c.malcolm/North Country Mama Publishing/2022


Dig Deep

Dig deep, a-deep, oh yeah, dig deep, a-deep, of yeah, dig deep, a-deep ohhhh, sew what you grow, gonna grow what you sew.

dig deep………..make it so good, make it strong, make it bright now…

This world's gonna turn on a dime, find your light and let it shine, let it shine, dig in deep and do what's right, do what's right, calling on the spirit for the might, for the might oh yeah!

All these babies little birds, with their mouths open wide, all these people with their money and their guns taking sides, quiet down, walk away, find your heart now, make a new sotry, we can do it, be a spark, oh Yeah!

No time like the present to show your love!  Today's the day to open wide.  Break free of the chains that bind your heart! May my song weigh in the balance of the light.  -c.malcolm/North Country Mama Publishing.  2023